I was introduced to Compositing Photographic Elements into “Artfully Combined Elements: by Aaron Nace during a Compositing 101 course that I purchased through CreativeLive, out of Seattle. I find processes interesting so I’ll share how I built this composite image.

Needing subjects for my creative endeavor, I enlisted one of my sons who is a poet along with Izzy, our dog and Odie, our cat to take part in my composite.

My concept involved levitation so we worked through the concept, building the photo in my living room, which luckily has beautiful natural light.

I chose to do a stationary composite using my tripod and shooting everything stationary and doing a process of masking in Photoshop.

I had to first shoot our living room, empty.

Because Eric had to levitate, we sat him on a tool box on the couch.

We shot many poses and had fun with him balancing on the box.

Since Eric is a poet, I had him writing in his journal. Note the levitating tea cup on the coffee table.

We also had Eric move across the room and interact with Izzy until we got the right pose.

As you’ll see in the final composite, there are four Erics so I needed separate shots of him that I could work with. You may need to look for a tiny Eric.

Then, of course, Odie posed for me and I needed just the right shot of him for levitation.

Finally, my finished composite that was really fun to put together in Photoshop with masking!!!